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The above items are just a small selection of what we sell at The Holistic Emporium

Our Shop

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Welcome to our website, thank you for looking and hopefully liking! We are creators of bespoke handmade gemstone jewellery, trinkets, charms & curios. We specialise in raw, polished and tumbled gemstones, crystals and fossils; each with their own unique healing and guidance properties. We are a popular new age shop based on the Isle of Wight and we also sell many items such as bags, candles, incense, books, angel/tarot and oracle cards, original new age art, and lots of wild and wacky Steampunk creations.

We wanted to put meaning to the products we sell and dedicate ourselves to ensure that almost everything we sell incorporates natural semi-precious gemstones where possible. Each gemstone has healing properties dating back thousands of years. We hope that our customers not only love our designs, styles and quality of our items but they love the healing and guidance properties they encompass. 95% of the gemstone creations in our store are handmade by us with love, care, attention and blessings.

Our shop is located in the sunny seaside town of Sandown on the South East coast of the Isle of Wight. Were have a fabulous seaview of the six miles of the award winning beaches of Sandown Bay. You'll find us at the top of the High Street.

Books & Angel/Tarot cards
We currently sell a variety of new and second hand holistic mind body and soul books and angel/tarot decks, many of which have been kindly donated to us by our customers. We donate all profits to the Wessex Cancer Trust Charity (which offers support for Island Cancer patients).

We are always grateful for any donations of good quality second hand mind body & soul books/cards that we can sell to help this cause. So if you have any pre loved books of this kind that you no longer need, then please drop them by. We sell these donated books at around hald thier RRP, so a good cause is helped and our customers can obtain the books they want at a very good price.

The Bit About Us
The Holistic Emporium was founded in March 2013 where we shared half of a 6 foot table at the local library Easter Fair and barely had enough items to fill it. Now we have been blessed with a lovely shop filled with love, colour and energy, and by visiting us we hope to inspire you with ideas and gifts for yourself and loved ones.

The name 'The Holistic Emporium', as simple as it may sound, came about after weeks of deliberation and thinking what did our products really convey? We wanted to incorporate everything ‘holistic’ meaning ‘the whole’ and the word ‘emporium’ seemed to conjure up images of a kind of curiosity shop of different or unusual things, so there we have it, a curiosity shop of ‘whole things’ meaning we could be as creative as we wanted to be – so The Holistic Emporium was born!

Buy Online

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We are currently working on an online store where you wil be able to purchase everything from our shop so please bear with us while we create this!

In the meantime you can purchase a selection of our handmade items from our shop at Folksy. [Visit Online Shop]

If you find something in our shop that you love, but would like it with different gemstones or in a different style, then simply contact us below and we can make a custom order for you. See our Custom Order section for more details.

Custom Orders

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Here at the Holistic Emporium we love a custom order! Why not treat yourself, a friend or loved one to a unique special gift or piece of healing jewellery.

If you like the idea of something made especial for you tehn please pop into the shop to discuss your requirements and choose from 100s of gemstone beads, tumble stones and rough crystals; all in various sizes, styles and colours.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live on the Isle of Wight then drop us a message using the contact form below we are always happy to hear from you! And maybe we will be able to create a lovely item just for you.

Jewellery & Trinkets

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A number of our gemstone jewellery items, trinkets and charms are handmade by us in the shop.

We only work with gemstone items that have metaphysical healing qualities and carefully research each of our designs to provide a healing benefit to their wearers/owners. Our beaded healing bracelets have proven to be extremely popular, and we have shipped them all over the world. Each item is blessed with reiki energy once it has been completed.

We are more than happy to create custom designs to your specifications, and we are very sure you'll be more than happy with our prices. We can also provide a pescription service* for all ailments both medical and psychological.

We provide birthstone, zodiac and chakra related items, and have designed many unique items. the picture to the right shows a small selection of our handmade items at an event we attended.

A selection of our handmade items can be purchased from our online store. You can visit our shop by clicking HERE

*Please note that our prescription service and the healing properties of gemstones should not replace the formal advice of a medical practitioner.

Gemstones & Crystals

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We stock a wide selection of gemstones and crystals both in bead, tumble stone, rough varieties from tiny 4mm gem beads to huge statement centrepieces. We are always getting new items and are happy to locate and find the specific crystals you want if we do not have any stock of the gemstone you are looking for.

From small pocket/pillow stones to large center-wow-pieces we have something for everyone, but with so many beatiful pieces to choose from you'll be like a small child in a sweet shop!

The picture to the right is one of our crystal displays at the shop and from it you can see a small, but delightful selection of some of the items we sell.


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We are very proud to say that we are (as far as we know) the only shop on the Isle of Wight with a dedicated Steampunk section.

Steampunk is the most famous new trend that you've never heard of. To those in the know it's been around for years. For others, it's "Steam what?" Steampunk is influenced by, and often adopts the style of the 19th-century scientific romances of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Mary Shelley. A genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. Its what the past would have looked like if the future never happened.

Expect to find all manner of strange gadgets and gizmos, jewellery, trinkets and charms from a by-gone era of a victorianesque age. made from cogs, clock parts and anything other antique parts that can be upcycled. The vast majority of our Steampunk items has been handmade by us and the very talented island based Steampunk enthusiast Steve Hiller. We're pretty sure that we have items that you would never have seen before, and you will simply love them all. The picture to the right shows a small section of our Steampunk display we currently have at the shop.

Jewellery Supplies

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Coming soon!!!! We will soon be stocking everything you need to be able to make your own, pendants, bracelets, rings etc! We’ve realised that we can’t keep it all to ourselves, so after over a year of collecting jewellery findings, beads and cords we are now ready to share the love with you all and you will soon be able to be creative yourselves with a myriad of bits and bobs!

For now though, you can purchase a wide selection of semi-precious gemstone beads; typically sold in 4 inch strands at £2 each (over 30 different stones and growing)

Card Readings

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We are lucky enough to have a resident talented card reader in house who is an empathic intuitive tarot reader offering a unique approach to card readings which examines how your life could pan out depending on how much control you take. Readings are conducted by appointment, please phone or enquire at the shop. The readings are in a private room at the shop. The readings last between 30 mins to 1 hour depending on what comes out and cost £20.

Alternatively to make a booking enquiry in advance please use the contact form below.


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Over the next few month we will be releasing details of various courses and workshops that we will be running in the evenings.

There will be many exciting courses for you to attend, including crystal courses, angel courses, meditation events, dream events, divination, pendulm lessons and much, much more.

The course will be run by ourselves and other experienced teachers- including the well respected Angela & Peter (formerly from Appley Tower, Ryde). Angela Has over 25 years of teaching New Age Subjects

We expect most courses to last between 3 or 4 hours, and cost in the region of £25. Attendees will also receive a 10% discount on any shop purchases during or after the workshop.

Find Us

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The Holistic Emporium
7 high Street
Isle of Wight
PO36 8DA

01983 401400

Current Opening Hours: (Summer)
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7 High Street | Sandown | Isle of Wight | PO36 8DA | United Kingdom
Current Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am to 5pm | Sunday 11am to 5pm

01983 401400

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